Basch 1887

Reconstruction of the building in Cara Lazara Street, better known as the Basch House, is currently underway, in accordance with the conceptual design of the facade proposed by the famous Budapest design studio Lima. The conditions for technical protection measures were issued by the Inter-municipal Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments Subotica. This institution also performs conservation supervision over the execution of works.

The building was built in 1887 according to the design of the famous Subotica architect Titus Mackovic prepared for Sandor Kertes, the city’s chief physician at the time.

This beautiful building has witnessed the history of over a century in our city, and our intention is to restore its old glow, to improve it and leave it for many future generations to be proud of.

We wish to offer Subotica, and this part of the country in general, something new, something different and something of quality.

We are starting beer production in the basement of the facility using the equipment and according to recipes of the great Austrian company Salm.
Our guests will be able to enjoy the original taste of Austrian beer in Subotica, as well as try specialties prepared according to the recipes of Salm chefs.

In the attic we will equip apartments that will provide visitors, tourists with the opportunity to relax, take a short break and enjoy our beautiful city.

A team of our engineers analyzed and recorded the complete building in detail, so that after the reconstruction and adaptation, each segment of the main facade would be completely as it used to be.

Inside the building, a museum exhibition dedicated to the history of the Basch family and our city at that time is planned.

Investor and contractor: DG company
Conceptual design of the facade: Lima