Business-residential building in Braće Radić

In one of the most beautiful streets in Subotica, Braće Radić Street, on the site of the former houses under numbers 41, 43, and 45, we are currently building a multi-family residential and business building of Gfl. + 2. In accordance with the company’s tradition and business policy, during the design and construction, we were guided by the highest standards of the profession in order to achieve the best results in the form of a representative building that will be a significant example of modern architecture in our city and beyond.
In cooperation with the Intermunicipal Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments Subotica, the conservator-resident architect for this project, we have decided to arrange a competition for the architectural design of the street façade. As a result of this complex task, 7 works have been submitted. The authors of these are as follows:

1. grad. eng. arch. Bojan Kujundžić,
2. grad. eng. arch. Ognjen Graovac,
3. grad. eng. arch. Fedor Jurić,
4. grad. eng. arch. Ivan Šuić,
5. grad. eng. arch. Mila Mijanović,
6. grad. eng. arch. Relja Kovac and
7. grad. eng. constr. Boris Bukvić and structural engineer Michel Kanzel

The materials used are of high quality and attractive. The final appearance of the facade shall represent a genuine illustration of present architecture. The congruity of applied tones and materials vouches for our organization’s obligation to pushing the limits in construction.
In collaboration with Porcelanosa, one of the pioneers in ceramic exterior cladding in Europe, we used their ceramic tiles in a few tones that will represent a wonderful color composition. We chose the claddings from this producer on account of their quality, life span and modern shapes and tones.
Our company’s imperative is the utilization of high quality materials and that is something that is nonnegotiable. Also, we have used aluminum details produced by the renowned company Alumil in various tones that impeccably underline the openings on the exterior and are in magnificent agreement with the ceramic tiles.
All the railings on the terraces are made of specialized glass. Naturally, the façade will have its lighting, which has by now become the norm on our buildings. All this has the aim of raising the impression of the building to another more significant level.
We are proud about being the first company in our city to do a ventilated ceramic tile façade after some decades.