About Us

Owing to decades of experience and a correct approach to construction work, set by the founder of the company, graduate civil engineer Ivan Dulić, DG company has become one of the market leaders in quality construction work – contemporary construction company competent of applying all modern technologies and construction systems. With expert engineering staff and skilled workforce, DG offers full engineering services, planning and construction of various buildings.

Continuous monitoring of innovation in construction, knowledge of architectural and cultural traditions, the bond between architecture and construction, as well as a high level of mechanization, allow realization of projects for investors with a wide range of demands. The company was founded in 1992, it has extensive experience in construction of all types of buildings – residential, commercial and industrial. Different reconstruction, hydro and construction of specialized facilities related to the environment, are also part of our activities.


The approach that has become key to our success lies in the insistence on the application of strict professional and ethical standards, investment in competent engineer staff and monitoring of new trends in technology, mechanization and materials.