Since 2013 DG company is certified by CERTOP CO Serbia, from Kanjiža, Hungarian certifying body for performing Construction of residential and non residential buildings.

The company has established a quality management system and completely fulfills the demands from the newest series of ISO 9001:2015 international standard. The development of business processes is described in detail through the number of needed procedures and instructions.The application of this standard sets the focus of the company on quality in conducting business processes and thus results in a high quality product, construction.During the construction of buildings, we use only high quality and certified materials from trusted and valued supplies who are mostly local.All sub-contractors involved in the construction process have been previously examined and evaluated in the preparation of the project.
Safety and Health at Work
Safety and health at work is a segment that has the highest priority in the company and therefore along with complying with all environmental production standards in construction allows employees to get maximally engaged in the assigned tasks.
Environmental protection
On specific projects where the company is engaged as a contractor, it adheres to the Impact Assessment Study and other specific requirements of environmental protection in relation to the work area and the surrounding. This primarily includes preventive measures in planning and realization of construction projects, trained staff, the use of environmentally clean and energy efficient products, use of adequate mechanization and equipment. Constant monitoring and control of the construction process enable the prevention of excess.