The highest value for the company are the people, employees who have followed the mission of the company during many years and contributed to its becoming a modern and efficient one. Employees in the company have been flawlessly carrying out every idea, they implemented all new assignments according to the highest standards, often ahead of schedule. With every new project, the company grows and strengthens and so does our reputation of a serious company. .

The company invests a lot in the development of professional engineer staff, continuous education and following new world standards in construction, technology and construction materials.

DG company, as the first company in Serbia, uses one of the most contemporary software programs for technology and organization with buildings Gala 2012+ since 2012.

Prior to the commencement of construction of each building, out team of engineers plans in detail the most rational and most economic technology of construction. Also, special emphasis is placed on continuous education and training of all employees on safety and health at work.

Our engineers have licenses 410 and 415 as responsible contractors issued by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.