Praises about the new building come from eminent construction portals.

“In the protected city core of Subotica, a building with a very interesting facade has been built. However, it was not part of the original project. This is how the text about the new building in the Petefi Sandor street on, a well known construction and architecture portal, begins.

The design of the facade of this commercial-residential building in Petofi Sandor 3 and 5 in Subotica represented a specific task rare in the local architectural practice. DG company, with the assistance of the Intermunicipal institute for monument protection, organized an international competition for the architectural solution of the street facade. The reason for this cooperation is the position of the building which is located in the protected city core of Subotica between two buildings with impressive facades from the end of the 19th century – the Gymnasium and the Polyclinic.

This portal states that 93 works from 17 countries were submitted as part of this competition and that the studio PLATFORMA from Belgrade won the first prize. Following the agreement with the investor, minor changes in the proposed solution were made in order for the new design to completely suit the sutuation at the already functioning construction site.

The facade is described as elegant and stylish for it emphasizes layers which was achieved by retracting the last, highest floor as much as it was possible according to the set out conditions. With this small indent, the building does not dominate over its highly important neigbors, on the contrary, it follows them in a friendly yet authentic manner.

The authors also referred to the connection with the inherited sprit of the site, i.e., the use of a decorative element from the old building which was in its place – the decorative flower.

The website cites the principle of breaking up the uneven division of facade panels, flower boxes and movable curtains.
The split is indicated in three different parts where the bulk of the central street front is made in light shade stone.