Within the office at Matija Korvina 17, on the ground floor of the Galleria Hotel, DG company has set up an exhibition space-showroom in which all materials and equipment that are installed in our buildings are exhibited.

Everything from the rough phase of works – methods of construction, construction, waterproofing, composition of walls, thermal insulation, etc. is presented in detail. In addition to this, all equipment that is an integral part of our projects – doors, windows, ceramic tiles, parquet, bathroom equipment and more are also at display.

The names of prominent companies and partners in our projects speak of the company’s seriousness and quality of construction. Some of them are: Geberit, Rehau, Huppe, Jika, Ariston, Hansgrohe, Bosal, Kolpa-san, Tilezza, Marazzi, Rockwool, Henkel ceresit.

For all detailed information about our projects, visit us at Matija Korvina 17, contact us via the contact form or via one of the telephone numbers.